Feasibility Studies

QS1 provides a range of services that include feasibility studies, financial audits, financial risk management, cash flow analyses for property related projects. An effective feasibility study is an essential pre-requisite to any procurement decision making process.

Feasibility studies assess the viability of a project over its expected life and indicate the probable return, either at the point of sale or over a period of time, generally using discounted cash flow techniques.

In addition sensitivity analyses can be used to highlight those variables that have the greatest impact on project returns. The feasibility report can also assist in the process of obtaining project finance.

QS1 uses industry accepted feasibility software which offers both:

  • a simple developer’s return on capital cost feasibility, or
  • a detailed discounted cash flow feasibility based on a range of rates of return and risk sensitivity tests.
  • Residual land value calculations
  • Sensitivity analysis of major feasibility key components
  • GST Analysis and options